Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The CDO Fiesta Parade is always anticipated by my family. My husband and I would be on leave for work to watch it with my kids. Now that they're all grown, they still long to be there.

We woke up early and rushed to a main street where the parade will pass. My eldest son, little Johan, hubby and ME. Having hubby with us is always an advantage--he has a way of making us move fast and be there before any event. Such a great plus!

Soon enough the parade started.

Some flag bearers, followed by guys on horses, and the city mayor in a top down car.
Soon there were school bands with ladies which I found so boring. Mostly doing the same thing--twirling the baton, marching, and doing exhibitions on some points. 

Son, me and little Johan. Then came the clowns giving candies to kids.
Free water was also spotted nearby. So nice. I don't have to bother going around to find something to quench my thirst.

These are just few of the floats we have seen. It was a long parade that we can't wait to finish.

Happy Fiesta CDO. Viva Sr. San Agustin!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Yuna!

Having little Johan has accustomed me to kiddie parties. This time it was a well planned party which started in buffet lunch, games, magic, and swimming. Such was the overwhelmed joy painted on our little one's face as each activity unfold. Strawberry Shortcake was the main mascot making the party more fun for the kids.

Bad moment for little Johan. He couldn't help but take out what's been in his nose. :)

Being filipino, the pabitin is one of the kids favorite games in kiddie parties. I had to help as our little one is not accustomed to grabbing as many goodies as he can. I must say, we have taught him well to share.


After all the games had been played, time for him to check on the large 3 ft pool with his mamcee, the birthday celebrator and some others.

Me and my elder sister enjoying the view in the mini-bar beside the pool.

Happy 1st birthday YUNA!

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Celest at 18.

Seems like it was only few days ago I've held her in my arms, seen her milestones, witnessed her display talent on stage, and been into beauty pageants even in her early phase in life. And now, she has blossomed into what she is now--a young lady full of dreams. At eighteen, she has come into another phase in life yet so eager to brave it all.

I was so happy to be in her debut. Considering the many friends she has from school--mostly high school and college. She, too made her aunts, uncles, relatives and even chosen friends from her neighborhood a part of her 18th birthday celebration.

A pose with the celebrant, my boys and little Johan. He was spotted covering his ears most of the night. He hates loud music but I could tell he had a great time, too.

Mom had to wait until the last flash before she could enjoy her cake.

Me and my sisters.

 As we celebrate life, thank you dear Lord for the blessings you have bestowed on us.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

PTA-CMA General Assembly 2014.

Attending a school function is one (1) thing I wouldn't want to miss. It's my way of keeping abreast with a child's performance and activities. With my youngest on his 3rd year now in the College of Accountancy, I am glad I still get an invitation for Parents and Teachers Association meetings. And I don't find a logical reason for not going.

Soon as the set alarm woke me, I had been multi-tasking in the chores--preparing breakfast, cleaning, keeping the home in order, cooking extra-food for lunch and preparing myself for the meeting. Being a homemaker has made me more active in my planning and putting things in action. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect "things" to turn out the way it has been. My fully made-up office girl image has long been replaced with my every day hussle and bussle. Now I know why some women are posting rants in their statuses and tweets. It is their way of venting but I have to control my own or I may find my own ship sinking soon.

To cut on time, I left without a slight face powder on my face. My hair needed more combing,  at least. It was wet when I left and air dried as I commuted on my way to school. These days, my hair is combed to make it less tangled and parted to the side. A single hair clip keeps one side from going to my face. Otherwise, a hairband keeps my hair in place. Gone are the pony tail days. I despise the waves I get when I untie my hair.

Getting a last look at myself before getting into the school meeting venue.

I realized I had been in this same ladies rest room before. Some time in 2011, I took a #selfie of myself before a meeting.

Here it is--after digging into my archives.  :)

August 2011 vs July 26, 2014 #selfie.  :)


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Celebrate With Me!

Here I am celebrating with other July birthday celebrants. So fortunate because my high school batchmates potlucked for the party. It was a spontaneous night of fun and surprises.

We had zumba--dancing and shaking for a guilt-free feeling for what we just had that night.

A preview of the give-a-ways table. While supply lasts, of course.

But not neglecting a short business meeting with plans ahead as agenda. Look here.

Thank you, dear God for the gift of friendship, sisterhood and allowing time for us to be there even after all these years.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Let's belly dance!

Missing my zumba sessions, I went through my exercise videos. Following dance workouts from a dvd in my home has been very convenient for me. I don't have to go out, be compelled by anyone to wear what I am not comfortable with nor be embarrassed of my execution.

Here I am in one (1) of my fun moments to belly dance, tone my abdominal muscles and hopefully get a waistline.

How I love the sound of coins flipping from my coined skirt as I shake my hips!  :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Johan's Birthday.

We had been anticipating. Finally, our little Johan has leveled up to "little" from "baby" as he is fondly called. With another year added, along comes more expectations and added milestones to come.

This year, we did not plan to hold a birthday party. Soon he would be going to school and we prioritize much for his education. Instead, we opted to give in to what brings him much joy. We've been to the beach a day before his birthday. Next in line was playtime in McDonald's, the kiddie rides, his favorite pony rides, and buying him a gift of his choice.

Not neglecting his birthday haircut at Salon de France.

Happy Birthday, little Johan! Thank you for all the joy you have given me.
I pray, too that God grant me a long and healthy life so I can continue to see you grow up and achieve in life.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hello Summer 2014!

Back in my recent favorite R&R celebrating Summer 2014. With little Johan's birthday falling on a weekday, it was a good idea to spend the weekend at the beach with my sister, her friend, Johan's friend, and the celebrant himself.

I decided to come in my beach wear but found the scorching hot sun on my skin. Draped in a towel, in my shorts, beach shoes, and digi-cam--I walked around, felt the outdoor heat, and had that oh-so-summer-most awaited-moment.

After the first shot, I realized my cam bag was open. Then comes the second picture.

Looking forward to more beach fun soon.

Friday, February 28, 2014


It was noon break and I opted to drop-by a record store (yes, record store--as we call it back then) to buy a cassette tape. It was one of those moments I'm getting a particular song playing in my mind.

Going back to my cubicle in my workplace, I excitedly opened my brand new tape and loaded into my cassette player. Perhaps, playing and actually hearing it could get it out of my mind. To my dismay, I heard nothing but the winding of the tape. Terrified, I looked again to make sure if I pushed the wrong button but was certain it was the right one. 

If you bought something defective, would you head back and demand for a replacement? Or would you purchase the same product from a different source?

Of course, I wanted my money's worth. The saleslady begged that I don't complain. She feared the amount would be charged to her meager earning or she may lose her job. I felt for her too. But something in me wanted what I deserved as a customer. Still in my office uniform and firm in my demand, I came out of that store satisfied with a tested, brand new cassette tape.

This is how far an LSS has drawn me into. 

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


If you been into the same eye condition I have had, you may have asked yourself if it poses great danger to your precious eyes. I had been to a specialist already to have my condition checked and so far, his diagnosis doesn't give me much to worry.

Having blood in the eye can be really scary if it had been in contact with an object. However, I am pretty sure nothing of that sort had been into my eye. Perhaps my day-to-day chores may have caused an irritation or stress may have burst a blood vessel, as my eye doctor explained to me.

Another good thing about seeing a doctor is being able to ask and be answered about questions I have had in mind for the time being--things like, washing my eyes while in the shower to cleanse it.

Now I can be more certain about getting things done without harming my precious eyes.