Friday, February 28, 2014


It was noon break and I opted to drop-by a record store (yes, record store--as we call it back then) to buy a cassette tape. It was one of those moments I'm getting a particular song playing in my mind.

Going back to my cubicle in my workplace, I excitedly opened my brand new tape and loaded into my cassette player. Perhaps, playing and actually hearing it could get it out of my mind. To my dismay, I heard nothing but the winding of the tape. Terrified, I looked again to make sure if I pushed the wrong button but was certain it was the right one. 

If you bought something defective, would you head back and demand for a replacement? Or would you purchase the same product from a different source?

Of course, I wanted my money's worth. The saleslady begged that I don't complain. She feared the amount would be charged to her meager earning or she may lose her job. I felt for her too. But something in me wanted what I deserved as a customer. Still in my office uniform and firm in my demand, I came out of that store satisfied with a tested, brand new cassette tape.

This is how far an LSS has drawn me into. 

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