Tuesday, March 20, 2012

JS Prom 2012

Everyone in the family had been anticipating for son's JS Prom last Feb. 25, 2012. It wasn't just because of what every junior and senior high-schoolers look forward to but because most of the family's kids will be going in said event. With very few days left before our young man bids goodbye to his high-school and yours truly just looking back to those days when I had to wake up early to help him prepare for school and the meetings and activities I willingly attend for the love of my child.

A pose with his cousins Nonah and Eman. All three (3) of them are seniors in the same school. If during his junior year he opted to wear contacts, this year he chose to wear his eyeglasses.

Look at Eman's gray contacts!

Little did I knew he had an ex-girlfriend already. To note that they are civil to each other makes me more proud of him.

The lady in red is his girlfriend. Oops! Save some comments. I don't want to compare. lol! :)

It's amazing how time flies. Son and I had been together in his endeavors and I've witnessed how he stands out in every activity he has to attend. Soon he will be in College and mom here keeps hoping whatever we had started would be a good foundation for achieving his goals.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Moving On

It's been a long time since I last came in here to post highlights in my day-to-day musings. Typhoon Sendong has caused so much change in my life. I've never seen so much muddy water in our home until that traumatic event. It has threatened to take our lives and even now have me thinking what my family would have been if all of us were asleep that time.

But then, since I prayed unceasingly the moment we were on top of our van in the garage and beg for God's mercy to save us, I am full of gratefulness that we end up safe.

This was taken shortly after the flood started to subside. Someone has to get inside the house to see what could still be saved. Luckily, my digicam was in a safe place.

We climbed through this railing to get on top of our van. It was the immediate act I could suggest as soon as we got to our front door. Beside our white van is a Daewoo Matiz we purchased ten (10) days before the flash flood. And it was totally submerged in muddy water.

And here we were, barely a week after it all happened. We needed a break!

However traumatic it may have been to all of us, the thoughtfulness of relatives and friends who responded to our needs was very rewarding. It is indeed a fact that in times of our lowest do we realize who will be there in times of our need.

Our refrigerator is sill functional despite it all. But who would want it after all the dirt it has accumulated?
We feel more confident buying a new one, for a change.

It's amazing how this set floated and wasn't washed out of our home. You should have seen how we washed and sun-dried it for days.

I thank God for those special people and most of all, for God's compassion for listening to my prayers.