Monday, October 28, 2013

Morning Walk At The Park.

I may have missed last week's fun run but I am getting ready for the next one. I felt I was not ready yet having missed out on my usual day-to-day date with T.J. Storm (Cardio Kungfu), Shaun T (Hip-hop Abs Workout) and the twice a week Zumba sessions at the mall.

With my friends in the 5K run, it would be so embarassing if I fail their expectations.

So, I have resolved to bring physical fitness back into my life!

In days I couldn't go out even for a walk because of bad weather, or simply because there's no one else to watch for baby yo, then I find myself choosing from my variety of dance workout DVDs.

Thanks a lot to technology!

Even a visit to my father's grave makes me feel like taking a walk or do a light run in the vast memorial park.

And finding wonderful friends with same interests is an added bonus.

Whenever a digi-cam is ready, along comes a photo shoot!  :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Being Breast Cancer Awareness month for 2013, some programs are supported by various organizations, government and non-government as well.

Finding people who help fund institutions supporting men and women with breast cancer is remarkable.

Below are some paintings on exhibit at SM-Cagayan de Oro for the benefit of THRIVE CDO BREAST CANCER ADVOCACY GROUP.

Artist:  Marigold Cherie

Artist:  Pinkay Balinado

Artist: Kristie Sabanpan-Butron

Artist:  Pinkay Balinado

Artist:  Kristie Sabanpan-Butron