Sunday, July 27, 2014

Celest at 18.

Seems like it was only few days ago I've held her in my arms, seen her milestones, witnessed her display talent on stage, and been into beauty pageants even in her early phase in life. And now, she has blossomed into what she is now--a young lady full of dreams. At eighteen, she has come into another phase in life yet so eager to brave it all.

I was so happy to be in her debut. Considering the many friends she has from school--mostly high school and college. She, too made her aunts, uncles, relatives and even chosen friends from her neighborhood a part of her 18th birthday celebration.

A pose with the celebrant, my boys and little Johan. He was spotted covering his ears most of the night. He hates loud music but I could tell he had a great time, too.

Mom had to wait until the last flash before she could enjoy her cake.

Me and my sisters.

 As we celebrate life, thank you dear Lord for the blessings you have bestowed on us.

#100HappyDays   #4/100HappyDays

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