Saturday, July 26, 2014

PTA-CMA General Assembly 2014.

Attending a school function is one (1) thing I wouldn't want to miss. It's my way of keeping abreast with a child's performance and activities. With my youngest on his 3rd year now in the College of Accountancy, I am glad I still get an invitation for Parents and Teachers Association meetings. And I don't find a logical reason for not going.

Soon as the set alarm woke me, I had been multi-tasking in the chores--preparing breakfast, cleaning, keeping the home in order, cooking extra-food for lunch and preparing myself for the meeting. Being a homemaker has made me more active in my planning and putting things in action. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect "things" to turn out the way it has been. My fully made-up office girl image has long been replaced with my every day hussle and bussle. Now I know why some women are posting rants in their statuses and tweets. It is their way of venting but I have to control my own or I may find my own ship sinking soon.

To cut on time, I left without a slight face powder on my face. My hair needed more combing,  at least. It was wet when I left and air dried as I commuted on my way to school. These days, my hair is combed to make it less tangled and parted to the side. A single hair clip keeps one side from going to my face. Otherwise, a hairband keeps my hair in place. Gone are the pony tail days. I despise the waves I get when I untie my hair.

Getting a last look at myself before getting into the school meeting venue.

I realized I had been in this same ladies rest room before. Some time in 2011, I took a #selfie of myself before a meeting.

Here it is--after digging into my archives.  :)

August 2011 vs July 26, 2014 #selfie.  :)


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