Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hello 2015!

Happy New Year!

I may have missed a lot on my posts--completing my 100 days, how I spent my last Christmas, New Year's Eve, and other special occasions. But hey, there is so much moments to make and count for another year has come.

Social media keeps me abreast with my friends. It is also very instrumental in keeping the spirit of camaraderie. Just as I got messaged through chat with a high school batch mate, I then booked the next day to join the rest of the "flock" in a get-together in her abode.

I realized finding some old friends' home isn't much a problem when you have the will power to be with them.

First photo taken. Can't simply resist having a photo taken in here.  :)

This part of the house in the second floor caught much of my attention as I love the flowing flowery vines.

In the living room, we watched the live coverage of Pope Francis visit in the Philippines.

Look at us in this photo--compressed to one side though there's still space in the other side. And the three (3) of us in pink tops in that side. We could have been in different sides. Lol! :)

 If a single picture speaks a thousand words, then how could our unending poses speak of?

I think it's painted in the joy in our hearts through our smiles, laughter and even through the voices that seems to echo each time we talk.

Cheers to friendship. For more fun-filled moments, love, joy and laughter in 2015!