Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Johan's Birthday.

We had been anticipating. Finally, our little Johan has leveled up to "little" from "baby" as he is fondly called. With another year added, along comes more expectations and added milestones to come.

This year, we did not plan to hold a birthday party. Soon he would be going to school and we prioritize much for his education. Instead, we opted to give in to what brings him much joy. We've been to the beach a day before his birthday. Next in line was playtime in McDonald's, the kiddie rides, his favorite pony rides, and buying him a gift of his choice.

Not neglecting his birthday haircut at Salon de France.

Happy Birthday, little Johan! Thank you for all the joy you have given me.
I pray, too that God grant me a long and healthy life so I can continue to see you grow up and achieve in life.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hello Summer 2014!

Back in my recent favorite R&R celebrating Summer 2014. With little Johan's birthday falling on a weekday, it was a good idea to spend the weekend at the beach with my sister, her friend, Johan's friend, and the celebrant himself.

I decided to come in my beach wear but found the scorching hot sun on my skin. Draped in a towel, in my shorts, beach shoes, and digi-cam--I walked around, felt the outdoor heat, and had that oh-so-summer-most awaited-moment.

After the first shot, I realized my cam bag was open. Then comes the second picture.

Looking forward to more beach fun soon.