Thursday, June 6, 2013

Relieving Abdominal Pain Without the Pill.

In my tender years, I  have learned a few things from my elder sister. With both parents working hard for our provisions, she is more than a helping hand--from proper use of the pad, feminine hygiene, and managing the most hated abdominal cramps.

The Hot Water Bottle. Containers for warmth in bed had been in use since the 16th century. Modern conventional bottles come in varied form, though how it may physically represent does not matter as long as it is secured and serves its purpose.

Its preparation comes very easy. Tap water from the faucet and some previously boiled water depending on the level of warmth you may need. If it's too warm, you can pour out some and replace with more tap water or wrap the bottle with a cloth to protect your skin when applied on the spot that needs warmth. The beautiful thing about it is you can fall back to sleep. This gives some relief especially for menstrual cramps.

A warm bath is another form of relieving menstrual cramps. Warm baths are believed to relax the muscles in the body, making the pain less noticeable.

Walking around can also alleviate the pain. For best results, walk briskly for 30 minute cycles at least three times a day.

Depending on the degree of pain a woman may suffer, it is advisable not just to stay quiet about it. If what you learned from your friends isn't enough; if the pain is consistent, it would be best to see the doctor for medical advice.

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