Friday, September 16, 2011


It's been a long time since I've been into a house dress. Even in my single life, I have been accustomed to wearing a sleeveless,strappy top and shorts. But it doesn't suggest that I have never been into a daster, as we commonly call the house dress in our own language.

Everytime hubby goes on travel, he makes it a point to bring a pasalubong, to each member of the family. On some occasions, he brings me home a shoulder bag, perfume, clothes, and some sweets. Fortunately, his taste meets my expectations.

In one of his trips to Ozamis City, amongst his gifts to me was a daster. It was much of a surprise to me but I didn't want to hurt his ego and just accept it without making any comment. And it was only a couple of days ago did I decide to wear it.

Notice the colored embroidery on the body and the print on the lower right which suggests the tourist spot near the locality where it was bought.

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