Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Fall.

I did had time with friends and joined a despedida dinner at TGI Fridays. But it gave me something to remember.


Actually both knees feels terrible even when I'm seated like this. Perhaps, the fact that I am left-handed,  it's my left knee that did most in saving my whole weight. 

Imagine me, trying to finish a drink--I had to do it straight as hubby had a series of calls already, waiting for me in a bookstore in the same mall. Alright, I had said my goodbyes to almost everyone when I reached the uneven flooring near the door that I lost my balance. It was something I never expected. Although I managed to immediately get-up and leave the restaurant, it was only when I was far enough for them to see was I able to run my hands on my aching knees.

Ouch, ouch...OUCH!