Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The CDO Fiesta Parade is always anticipated by my family. My husband and I would be on leave for work to watch it with my kids. Now that they're all grown, they still long to be there.

We woke up early and rushed to a main street where the parade will pass. My eldest son, little Johan, hubby and ME. Having hubby with us is always an advantage--he has a way of making us move fast and be there before any event. Such a great plus!

Soon enough the parade started.

Some flag bearers, followed by guys on horses, and the city mayor in a top down car.
Soon there were school bands with ladies which I found so boring. Mostly doing the same thing--twirling the baton, marching, and doing exhibitions on some points. 

Son, me and little Johan. Then came the clowns giving candies to kids.
Free water was also spotted nearby. So nice. I don't have to bother going around to find something to quench my thirst.

These are just few of the floats we have seen. It was a long parade that we can't wait to finish.

Happy Fiesta CDO. Viva Sr. San Agustin!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Yuna!

Having little Johan has accustomed me to kiddie parties. This time it was a well planned party which started in buffet lunch, games, magic, and swimming. Such was the overwhelmed joy painted on our little one's face as each activity unfold. Strawberry Shortcake was the main mascot making the party more fun for the kids.

Bad moment for little Johan. He couldn't help but take out what's been in his nose. :)

Being filipino, the pabitin is one of the kids favorite games in kiddie parties. I had to help as our little one is not accustomed to grabbing as many goodies as he can. I must say, we have taught him well to share.


After all the games had been played, time for him to check on the large 3 ft pool with his mamcee, the birthday celebrator and some others.

Me and my elder sister enjoying the view in the mini-bar beside the pool.

Happy 1st birthday YUNA!

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