Monday, December 17, 2012

SENDONG. A year after.

I've often wondered how it would be a year after typhoon Sendong devastated homes and wasted lives in our city. It sounds horrendous hearing victims tell their tale on that fatal night. In a split second, a wrong decision could take away your precious life. And it's quite amazing to know, no one has exactly the same story to tell.

As I woke up at 3am today, I sadly recalled how frantic we were seeing muddy water getting inside our home. Though our home was elevated, it was already on my breast level that time. If we had to climb through the 5ft perimeter fence to get to the roof of our one-storey home, we will have to swim as water may be deeper outside. It left us no other choice that minute but climbed on the railing to get on top of our van in the garage. It was the immediate move I could think of that time.

A picture of the white van that saved our lives and the little black car we bought ten (10) days before the flood. It was a frightful experience seeing muddy water around you with the other car totally submerged into it.

Notice the wall that pictured where the water level may have stabilized. We had a difficult time the next day getting the dog who was wise enough to swim her way inside the window grill. She was still shaking as we removed the last jalousie for her easy way out.

This is just one (1) of the horrendous sites I have ever witnessed in our neighborhood. Somehow, I am very grateful that this did not happen to us.

Having dinner and a break from it all. We had to get up and be strong because no one else would do it for us.

Once again, I am grateful to the Almighty for answering prayers even before I utter them.

For friends and relatives who prayed and gave us strength.

Let's celebrate life!