Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Glimpse of the Ukay-Ukay.

For those who wants to stretch their peso buying capacity, the ukay-ukay is the most sought after shopping places. Super low prices amazed me when I’ve been into it with my family. Almost diving into clothings mixed in a sort of wooden box, and some women pulling each items as if aiming to get more before others get it.
The crowd may pose some danger, too. For most times I have been elbow to elbow with someone, or worst bumping into strange looking faces. But duh, that’s part of the whole scenario. Making sure you look after your belongings before someone else takes them from you, was something every ukay shopper must keep in mind.

Looking at the pile of shoes, I am often in great wonder if the time spent in examining and sometimes looking after the other pair is worth all the effort. But then, at the end of the day I should say, it all depends on your wise decision on which items to buy. Not neglecting the fact that there isn’t a comfortable dressing room to fit the item of your choice. 

Piling the comforters after I have completed the laundry and sun-dried it gave me a satisfying feeling. It may not be brand new but I had been a wise-spender.

Imagine, I shelled out one thousand for five sheets!

Spend your money wisely. Happy holidays!  :)